Tuesday, July 29, 2008

more boogaloo

a few more photos from clydesville

morning version of kate and nate

warm fuzzies

candlelight kids

roughing it

Monday, July 28, 2008

bugscreen boogaloo

kate maki and nathan lawr, finally arriving to join us in clydesville after being misled by google maps... (which happens to be a 'suburb' of lanark, not smiths' falls, ontario.)
why clydesville?
david was invited to play keyboards with kate at a homestyle music festival in clydesville last weekend, and we were all offered accomodation on the festival site...believe it or not, this lean-to shelter is entirely made of scavenged materials! the fatigued aluminum screen, though, had been lovingly patched by previous guests with candle-wax and fishing line. the four large mattresses on the floor served our family and the maki-lawrs well, however, and despite the mosquito infested night, we woke to a beautiful view. the structure is surrounded by trees, and a mere stumble to the river.

their set started at midnight, and had a few technical problems, but a great experience none-the-less. next year, however, i'll bring the bug-net.

esther's first slumber party.

edgar was a very happy camper.

bug bite girl.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


took a trip to the fabric store yesterday...not enough 1/4 done goodies on the go, it seems.

the lively looking grey-haired woman behind me in the cash line was absolutely laden with a stack of brilliantly coloured swatches of material, all freshly folded from the cutting table. she smiled at me from behind the pile, so i asked her what kind of dynamic project she had in mind for all of that material...

"well," she replied, "these ones are for sheets for my bodywork table", gesturing with her chin at the squares of multicoloured poly-cotton blend. "and these" she said, with the same chin poke toward the slippery looking selection of brilliant organza, "are for psychodrama".

"hmmm," i thought, and aloud said "you certainly picked the perfect colours for psychodrama!"

my pile of treasures consisted of two pajama patterns, and four bundles of elastic.

next time, i'm shopping for psychodrama.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ed head

the title says it all.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

poo haiku

of my tasks today

was the cleaning up of poo,

numbering ten times.

no photo.

you're welcome.