Wednesday, June 30, 2010

birds of a feather

the girl & mme robin, on esther's last day of JK.
this remarkable woman shepherded both an a.m. and p.m. gaggle of kiddies through the demands of JK with boundless enthusiasm and sensitivity.  
she shared the opaque world of junior kindergarten with each and every eager parent, 
 and more than once brought me to tears of pride and wonder.
thank you, robin.
i have my fingers crossed for edgar in 2011...


i spied this pattern while looking for a summer crochet project:
now, to choose the colour...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


the whole hand old

drenched in glorious sunshine, 
i clapped myself on the back for cheekily ignoring the weather report for esther's 
birthday party-in-the-park day.
then, when the last item was unpacked from the car, a fine mist started to fall.
within 15 minutes, mist thickened to a good ploppy rain,
 which persisted until it was decided to move the gang to this overhang at the park fieldhouse.
we dried out by the fire of five candles, 
and shored up energy reserves with chunks of cake.
then, game on.  
bug hunting,
butterfly prowling,

bubble blowing,

paparazzi chasing,

then through the full circle back into the mist.

happy fifth birthday, my lovely.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

june bugs

in the last month, the traffic barrier outside our home has become a unique little ecosystem.  

the concrete planters serve as playground, garden and zoo, and it isn't unusual on a sunny afternoon to see a congregation of the neighbourhood littles taking full advantage of those benefits.

the linden trees in front have blossomed also;  pale green, rather insignificant flowers, but what a perfume!
attending the blooms are exciting new insects to investigate...

and edgar took quite a shine to this deceased subject.

it is now respectfully stored in a small blue jewellry box, like the treasure it is.