Monday, February 21, 2011

origami whammy

we were given some origami paper 
(thanks, nana!) 
and needed to locate a website for a few simple designs for little hands...
esther had a great time folding paper into
cute creatures...
the puppy even "barks" when you pull his ears a bit.
i predict that 1000 paper cranes will be next on my to-do list.
(instructions for the crane are there, too...)

Friday, February 18, 2011

ballet, any style.

the girl's ballet class;
a study in free-form fun.

february thaw

 +11 C today...maybe even warmer!
esther, edgar and georgia tackled the rivulets with a splash of colour, 
and an enthusiasm for hydrodynamics.

a plastic water bottle cap, a few twigs, and a fine, well decayed leaf 
surfed the streams again and again,

leaving the tugboat abandoned on the coast...

Sunday, February 06, 2011

fabricland, fabricland!

i was searching for a fabric shop location.
unbidden, their jingle rang out as i opened up fabricland's home page.
turned out the girl and the boy went mad for it.
go ahead; but you will be hooked...

lost and found

yesterday, the four of us bundled up and took the number 2 bus downtown.   
we hit the rideau centre first for a few purchases,
then ambled down the stairs to winterlude at confederation park to admire the ice sculptures 
(and eat maple taffy on snow, of course).  
well, at some point, i had put my wallet in the shopping bag.  
at some later point, i placed that bag on some slushy snow.
 at an undetermined point after that,
the sodden bottom of the bag let go,
releasing my wallet into the winterlude crowds.  
   we searched; no luck.  so i left my name at the info booth...hoping.
"well, if you have an angel," the info lady said,
"it will show up here, and we will give you a call."  
it turns out i have an angel.  
the message was waiting for us when we walked in our front door.
the kids were playing with our neighbours, so david and i hopped in the van to retrieve the wallet.  
the plan was that he would drop me off at the park, then circle around and pick me up.  
the intersection i jumped out at was cordoned by police.  
we assumed it was for winterlude traffic calming,
 but it turned out a protest march was about to travel along elgin street to city hall.  
"where will you be?" i asked, one leg already out the door, 
and was sure he replied "on elgin".

i made it to the info booth.  
the wallet was a bit damp, but otherwise intact; i was overjoyed.
i skipped back to elgin street to meet up with my ride...
then waited, and waited...
there had been that protest march...
perhaps he had been delayed in the traffic barricades?  
waited waited.
   there are about three million  gold dodge venture mini-vans in ottawa, by the way.   
finally, glancing kitty-corner across the street, i spot ours 
(the windscreen wipers are stuck in the full upright position when at rest)!
i ran across the street against traffic, earning an annoyed honk, 
only to see my beloved continue on around the corner and out of view.  
  he would go around the block one more time, surely.  right?  
thought the cabs looked like a good option,
(after all, i had my wallet!)
but could david still be driving around looking for me? 
well, it had been his last tour around the block after all... 
fifteen minutes later, my pocket buzzed.   
david calling from home.
it seems he had actually said "the lord elgin" as i exited the van.

i didn't need to take a cab, however.

 david returned,
and finally found me
in front of the lord elgin hotel.