Sunday, May 15, 2011

blinded by science

one fraction of the many many seconds spent fascinated by the
ball rolling "mousetrap" style contraption 
at the ontario science centre in toronto last month...

after the egg hunt

my 43rd cake.

today, i'm thankful for the rain.
ok, for the last few weeks i have been looking everywhere for my camera.
in fact, i almost bought another one
i was certain that i had last seen it in the house. 
  it had not been stolen; although our home often looks as though 
it has been turned over by robbers, 
it would be a very particular thief to leave every other potentially
valuable electronic device behind.
considering where i finally located the camera, my hunch was correct.
it was a particular thief indeed...
a cheerful magpie who stashed his prize for later;
tucked safely away in the bottom of my pink rubber rainboot.
 here then, finally, is my birthday cake,
and the time-tested recipe.
(david's mom has been making it for his birthdays for as long as he can recall)

the first blurry paragraph is the icing recipe, 
the second is for the cake itself.