Thursday, September 25, 2008

handy crafts

oh, no! the paw-parazzi!more crafter-noon fun as edgar snoozes...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sculpture class

the recycle bin and a sheaf of misappropriated charity address stickers (sorry, frances louise bryan, but we keep getting your admail...) led to an extended session of creativity....

good to the very last sticker.

party pollys

i was greeted by a scene of miniature mayhem upon my return from work; ladies and dogs lounging beside their cerealbox cabana, under a sky filled with cardboard balloons.
david and esther had thrown a giant polly pocket birthday party, complete with hats, sunglasses, cake and presents. forgive me for indiscreetly grabbing the camera...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


we have had a big day, on my young ladies' bidding, making pink sparkly binoculars, a picture frame for a robot family portrait, the robot portrait itself, and a painted shoebox.

the shoebox is especially for her new fancy cardboard cupid flip-flops! as soon as edgar wakes from his snooze, i am required to make him a pair of flip-flops also. oh, and his own box to store them in.

by the way, esther says 'panja' is the name of her new pet.

a picture of whom i have just been enlisted to draw...

it's all about the sweater.

edgar, 9 months wearing the sweater,

esther, 13 months, wearing the sweater.
i made it, you see...and actually finished it before the girl grew out of it! just nice to see that my boy will get cosy autumn use out of it as well.

night crawler

take-off on an open runway.

Friday, September 12, 2008

rhymes with poop

the answer is 'croup'.
that is why her cough sounds like a walrus, and her voice sounds like kathleen turner.
another feverish night, but nothing too serious,
just another childhood illness tested out for fun.
et tu edgar?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


i think she is feeling better.
our wee girl wan't herself last night at all. no struggling toward bed-time, no imploring for just one more book, no bouncing on the bed. she just tucked in and curled up to sleep.

later, after whispering "should we take her temperature?" to one another over her warm sleeping self, came the gravelly interjection from the subject in question...
"yes you should."

she was hot indeed, (39 C) but responded well to a dose of tylenol and a cool cloth for her head.

no more fever, but still a good reason for
a day of taking it easy with her brother in the den.


"bacon, ham or sausage, sir?"
breakfast at pubwells.


would someone please inform these kids that i used to get PAID to feed people?