Saturday, January 29, 2011


so, on this lazy saturday....
 hard wheat semolina flour, fresh eggs, and a splash of olive oil 
from our local italian deli
was transformed into...

yummy pasta!!!
the boy and the girl each took turns turning the pasta machine wheel.
(i did man the helm.)
encouraged by the supple result, i mixed up some chicken, 
romano, bread crumbs, basil, roasted red pepper and an egg,

for yummy raviolis.
even better?  
with the kiddies looking at books and quietly playing,
i got to talk to my brother and sister-in-law 
on the phone during the process...
felt like a little kitchen party.

the results were well worth the "effort".

so much that i almost forgot to take the 'finished product' shot...
please, do try this at home;
with a shaving of parmesan, 
a drop of black truffle oil 
and a 
crackle of black pepper...


if i could really whack a foul ball, it would land here....
one of ottawa's most revered/devoured bakeries 
recently moved to the unsightly,
best-kept secret called the City Centre.
a meander in my pajamas results in fresh wheaty-buttery treats,
served up by true enthusiasts.
i really should jog there or something...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

oh, train!

a great day for an urban adventure...
taking the O-train!
we donned snowclothes, walked over the bridge to the station,
paid out $1.75 (kids under 11 ride free),
and waited very patiently.

 well, as patiently as possible.

 this urban commuter train runs north/south only five stops 
from our neighbourhood to a mall in ottawa-south.  
 that short trip includes views of ice waterfalls, a deep dark tunnel, 
a raging icy river, interesting university students, speedy trees and ducks.

 this particular trip also boasted snacks!
we enjoyed a few trips trips back and forth;
it is good to remember that sometimes 
the voyage itself can be a holiday.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011