Sunday, September 22, 2013

Potions and toast

A rainy day brings out the sorcerer in some people...

 so i opened up the pantry, and brought out the eye of newt, toe of toad, and powdered zombie teeth.
(as well as several plates of cinnamon toast!)
 the apprentices went wild,
mixing, grinding, and smelling until each concoction was perfected.

The resulting delights were labeled and admired:
turns you into a werewolf
zombie potion
good potion
frog potion
and one simply marked with a
skull and crossbones.
(overheard during the production: 'this one turns anything into a frog...'
'anything?  even santa claus?  even a FROG?')
very powerful stuff.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

toi et moi, malgre tous.

a couple of months ago, david was approached by a 'locations' guy,
asking if he would be interested in renting out his studio for taping a few scenes of
an upcoming Quebec prime-time romantic comedy.
why ever not!!?
day one of taping saw 40 men and women sporting earpiece communication devices swarm our backyard, filling the space with flight-cases, tables, lights, cameras and action!
the editing van was parked right outside of, and butted right up to, our front/side window. 
 (with a metre between us, the techie and I politely ignored each other through the two panes of glass the entire evening.)
esther was up to the excitement, though. days before she had devised a plan that would keep her right in the soup of things;  the tried and true Lemonade Stand! 
we have done a few lemonade based activities in the past,  so right after school she took to the kitchen, and with total confidence proceeded to direct the citrus squeezing.
I was in charge of simple syrup and ice.

she was unphased by the hustle, set up her station right outside of the studio entrance,
 served ice cold, fresh squeezed lemonade to any comer,
and got a good gander at the proceedings. 
at one point I glanced out of the window to see her pink hoodied self loping in step behind a tall thin grey hoodied gaffer, like she'd rented the place.
she proved to be a very dedicated entrepreneur, and even placed a 'back in 10 minutes' sign on the
table when I called her in to dinner.

and although she made a few $$$,
 her real reward was jotted upon the corner of her shingle at the end of the evening. 
 the whole gang comes back to tape another episode in November...
perhaps a hot cocoa shack next time.