Monday, April 07, 2014

etiquette et bricolage


the girl was invited to a special tea party play-date recently.

it was hostessed by one of her favourite friends,
so she took her preparations very seriously
and even posed for a quick souvenir photoshoot.

we offered to entertain the tea party hostesses' brother at our place,
which tuned out to be a very good plan. 
the young ladies would certainly have been distracted by the building of Hamster Haven. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

cake day # 6

seems like the boy has been 6 forever...
 i guess it has been a couple of months since his birthday.
i finally found some shots from the celebration; it is after all, primarily about the cake!

grandma killed with her cake prowess once again,
this time featuring, as requested,  the teenage mutant ninja turtles.
she staged them in a chocolate training facility.

the guests were truly awed.

 and, in true little kid style, odd.
by that, i mean they were so immature!
(there were many toilet humour and barf stories volleyed around the table.)
the girl held court and organized the games that followed.

the cake and games were followed by much goofiness outside,

and as it was still early in the season, no-one was tired of the snow yet.
  frost turned into steam, which was blown off in no time.

happy (belated) birthday, edgar.
you will always be the king of my snow hill.