Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

jumping with joy

thanksgiving holiday weekend up north...

the days were so beautiful, the nights so fresh,
only the yellowing aspens and amazed grown-ups whispered "october".
the sun, water, dogs and children still believed in august.

bluteau and holt

about a month and 1/2 ago, my beloved suggested that we host a house concert in october:
"this fellow, michael holt, is doing an around the world house-concert tour...whaddaya think?"
at the time, october seemed infinitely far away, so i agreed.
hey...what the???...it's october!
and last weekend was the house-concert.

the lovely andre bluteau opened the show, 
and spellbound the crowd with earthy lyrics and gritty vocals.  
(hit his link and listen to 'morning mouth' for a taste.)

after an intermission of snacks, mulled wine and lively chatter, michael 
took over, and had the joint jumpin' in no time!

there was a great deal of inspired dancing,

even the stairwell was employed for it's acoustic and entertainment properties.
although this household is quite accustomed to impromptu musical interludes
and guitars cases in the hallway, the event made for an unusual
and especially lively sunday afternoon!
and i think mr. holt is still booking living-rooms near you...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

esther's menagerie

 dress-up time is a family favourite.
usually i am the one doing the facepainting, but this time,the girl decided 
to wield the face eye-liner pencil herself.
she fashioned a ferocious tiger, and fierce kitty-cat...
great job, girl!

edgar and b., in case the disguise is too convincing...
(very special thank-you to our patient and trusting guest!)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

good sport

edgar has been enjoying speech therapy at CHEO with his "big friend" sarah...

he is a gregarious little guy, and loves to joke around and share his ideas, but it has been tricky, even for me, to understand his point sometimes. 

we went outside to play a few weeks ago, and settled on a game of baseball.
i grabbed the ball, and he reached for the bat, saying "here, mom, i got the wackit!"
he tends to 'elmer fudd' his R sound, therfore,
i thought he must be confusing the game with tennis, and gently corrected him:
"sweetheart, it's called a bat."
"no, it a wakit."
"honey it is a bat...a baseball bat...not a tennis racket."
to which he replied, "no, mom, it is a WAKIT!"
as he swung the thing in a powerful arc around his body...
it was clear to me then that he really meantwhack-it.