Tuesday, October 04, 2011

good sport

edgar has been enjoying speech therapy at CHEO with his "big friend" sarah...

he is a gregarious little guy, and loves to joke around and share his ideas, but it has been tricky, even for me, to understand his point sometimes. 

we went outside to play a few weeks ago, and settled on a game of baseball.
i grabbed the ball, and he reached for the bat, saying "here, mom, i got the wackit!"
he tends to 'elmer fudd' his R sound, therfore,
i thought he must be confusing the game with tennis, and gently corrected him:
"sweetheart, it's called a bat."
"no, it a wakit."
"honey it is a bat...a baseball bat...not a tennis racket."
to which he replied, "no, mom, it is a WAKIT!"
as he swung the thing in a powerful arc around his body...
it was clear to me then that he really meantwhack-it.

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