Monday, October 24, 2011

bluteau and holt

about a month and 1/2 ago, my beloved suggested that we host a house concert in october:
"this fellow, michael holt, is doing an around the world house-concert tour...whaddaya think?"
at the time, october seemed infinitely far away, so i agreed.
hey...what the???'s october!
and last weekend was the house-concert.

the lovely andre bluteau opened the show, 
and spellbound the crowd with earthy lyrics and gritty vocals.  
(hit his link and listen to 'morning mouth' for a taste.)

after an intermission of snacks, mulled wine and lively chatter, michael 
took over, and had the joint jumpin' in no time!

there was a great deal of inspired dancing,

even the stairwell was employed for it's acoustic and entertainment properties.
although this household is quite accustomed to impromptu musical interludes
and guitars cases in the hallway, the event made for an unusual
and especially lively sunday afternoon!
and i think mr. holt is still booking living-rooms near you...

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