Wednesday, July 25, 2012


edgar would NOT go for a bath last night,
so through his tantrum tears, i gently informed him
that we could just wash up his face, hands, and feet with a cloth.
continuing, i said, "i'll start with your face." 
when he blearily asked why, i replied,
"so we don't get foot germs all over your face!"
concerned, he responded, quite seriously,
"but you'll get my boogers all over my feet?!?"

the word 'boogers'=no more tears.

little ducks

grandma did it again this year...
3D ducky cake, sent down from the north in a cooler via bus-parcel.
it impressed, and was delicious:
the children all wanted more duck.

post cake, they needed to relax and digest on the hammock with
their gummy skewers.
happy number seven, my girl!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Joy jar

We have started an outdoor-fun-and-activities jar...
(which was a fun indoor activity!)
So far we have drawn...
'go to pool'
'walk to chinatown'
'splash pad'.
More fun to come...and with ideas being added every day, it's going to be a short summer!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

missing lynx?

now, at first, there was some debate between the girl and the parents, about T-ball.
would it be fun?  scary?  boring?  
eventually we figured it required a test-drive, 

 look who really settled in!
she enjoyed the coaches meetings, 
the warm-up games of "what time is it, mr. wolf?"
and the post game snack.

she paid attention in the outfield (usually!)

and even won a medal!
(they all did, but that's what made it so special.)

the T took the worst of it now and then,

but esther didn't let it douse her cheeky enthusiasm.
the season was just too short.
 we are now looking forward to the same debate next spring...
 over softball!