Sunday, May 05, 2013

lemonade redux

it was summer-enough to break out the entrepreneurial spirit this weekend...
the kids had so much fun with last year's lemonade stand,
that at 8:00 a.m. of the second warm-enough day, the poster paints were out.

edgar filled-in the bubble letters, and disagreed with me about the price.
he figured a glass should cost $5.00, not 50 cents.

i figure no lemonade stand should ever offer the canned stuff, so we squeezed and squeezed!
i made up a simple syrup and mixed the juice up with that, plenty of ice, and cool H2O.
the resulting beverage drew good-sport neighbours and passer-by;
we met at least a dozen people from up and down the street,
and one couple who had just happened to take a wrong turn...
we were soon offering up our small kiddie ikea stools
 for rest and conversation while the sippers sipped.
the whole project took up a lovely portion of the day;
the street was reclaimed for commerce and camaraderie,
esther sang out her lemonade hawking song, even when there was not a soul in sight, and
edgar decided we should do this EVERY weekend.