Saturday, October 04, 2008


no photos this time,but man, i sure wish i had some...david dragged us to montreal yesterday, and i by no means wanted to go. it is pop-montreal weekend, a music event full of super hipsters and cooler-than-thou events.
tired, and responsible for two crazy little time-bombs is this sea of smoothness? not-so-much.
not to allow david an i-told-you-so, i am still ultra tired, but we ended up having a really fun time, attending ther kelp records bar-bq, (esther and david playing tambourine for angela desveaux' please),
staying at a very modest two star bed and breakfast (another photo? i invite you to imagine the ball-capped breakfast-monitor entering the room barking "ne touche pas ca, monsier!" to the other lone breakfaster as a costo muffin whirred illegally in the shabby microwave....)
making it to the biodome (an ecosystem zoo near the olympic stadium) and back again on the last drops of hydraulic effort available to our cars' leaking steering system. (picture a really cheesed-off golden marmoset)
oh, man, were those kids great. each of them, and together. they seemed to have a really fabulous time, and were so cheerful and fun!
the kids and i took the train back home to ottawa this evening, arriving way post bed time, (david will be driving home with band-mates after their show) and not one rotten moment.
polite and lovely.
(another missed photo-op.)
oh, esther's summary of the trip was thus...
"why do so many people here speak the bo-ju language?"
that's french, dear.
bonjour a tous.