Sunday, March 15, 2009

queen bee

i had promised myself that i would fashion a crown for our friend tym's birthday present...and then was caught by the 'flu.
time passed in a groggy haze then
all of a sudden, her birthday party is tomorrow!
so tonight, in a burst of health-appreciative energy, i puttered together a treasure-encrusted headpiece for her make-believe.
tym and esther often lord about together in royal finery, and the tiara is always the weakest link...
yes, there have been a few dramatic moments attempting to explain to a de-crowned queen that some plastic just does not glue back together well.
at all.
so, here a quick document of the frenzy, and the resulting prize.
i'm delighted, and can't wait to blast one together for esther as well.
(tilt head to left... now)
goodnight, sweet prince.

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