Monday, May 25, 2009

the destruction of matter

i had always taken the adage
"for something to become clean, another must become dirty"
as a truism.
figured it was a existential shortcut to explain the physics of matter itself.

i had never taken it as personally as i needed to this morning as i showered.
as i became clean
the bathroom was entirely trashed by my lovely pair of progeny.
even the toilet brush was brandished inappropriately as i feebly attempted to rinse.

so now i realize that variations of that phrase could just be the equation
i have been seeking to explain the past few years of "assistance".

'for someone to become fed, the pantry must be turned upside down'

'for laundry to become folded, it must be mauled and sullied in the process'

'for one garden plant tended, at least three must be compromised'

'for groceries to be purchased, a number of cart contents must be shredded, tossed about or partially digested'

i shall continue to study these theories.

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