Friday, May 14, 2010

dilly of a day-

can't help but notice the lush tangle of volunteer and intentional green in the back garden.
it surprises me every spring that those tiny little roots, seeds and rhizomes break their sleep to join us up here, and that they stubbornly wait out the frosty evenings.

this week, the girl has encouraged springtime by seeking every swing set park in the 'hood (hintonburg, laRoche, fairmont, and the one near deRienzos so far) after school.  

tonight, however, we were inclined to stay home and tend.  a fist-sized package of dill seed in the pantry inspired a planting frenzy...(some of edgar's frenzy can be seen to the lower left of the photo.)

while broadcasting the seeds, the two scratched at the earth and squabbled like little raccoons, and eventually needed to take break.  
with luck, in days we will be discovering the lacy sprouts of dill not only in the two designated pots, but wherever else they found a bed.
mmmmm.  pickles.

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