Thursday, December 08, 2011

let them eat cake (and cookies, and icing, and...)

edgar's 4th birthday was celebrated with days of sweetness...
on his actual birthday date, cake!
grandma's skills didn't disappoint...the request was for a star-wars-lego cake...
she managed to re-enact the battle on the snow planet,
complete with a stronghold of candy lego blocks that actually interlock!

for his 2nd 4th birthday party, it was ice your own cone-cakes, with lots of sprinkles and a candle!

then for good measure, we built a few gingerbread trees,
and decorated a few ginger-guys.

here is a closer glimpse of  rebel victory;
even though they are out-numbered,
i'm quite sure the "good guys" will win.
"use a fork, luke..."

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