Thursday, February 02, 2012

sunshine slaw

my favourite winter vegetable may just be the simple carrot.  
sure, it is a veg'n'dip staple, but carrots also add sweetness to a simmering stew,
crunch to a stir-fry, hidden goodness to a muffin, and noses to snowmen.
(not to mention googly eyes for children in the kitchen!)

i don't often use them in salads, though...
perhaps put off by the memory of
vinegary shredded-carrot/bloated-raisin salad once served by via-rail
in the complementary snack pack...
well call me crazy, but my carrot salad days may have returned.
i challenge anyone to shred a firm carrot, pile it into a stark white bowl, and not think of sunshine.
in fact, into that bowl:
 shred four carrots,
mince one scallion
toast 3 T sesame seeds
and toss the whole mix with a dressing of:
1T tamari
1 T roasted sesame oil
1 T rice vinegar
1 t miso paste
1 t finely grated gingerroot
dig in, or chill to mingle flavours.

tonight, a side for brown rice and salmon,
but it would sing in a sandwich,
or serve as a fresh topping for baby spinach, or other tasty greens.....
i think i'll make eight carrots worth next time.

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