Friday, August 17, 2012


our family attended the puppets up! festival in almonte last weekend.
the town hosts international puppet acts for one weekend each summer.
the whole main drag  is a carnival of street performances and kiosks,
while the shows themselves are housed in tents, businesses and even the town hall.
talented puppetmakers have created twin selves for many of the towns' prominent citizens,
and these folks are showcased each of the days in a grand parade.

we arrived just in time to witness this parade.

while there were an amazing assortment of stilt walkers,
crazy costumes and people parading around carrying their mini-dopplegangers,

 through the din of it all rode this peaceful gentleman,
who protected his small likeness like a calm and confidant big brother.
he didn't even animate his small companion, but somehow, for me, he stole the show.

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