Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden community part one

it is allotment garden time again...
my plot last year was challenged by drought and weeds,
this year seems to be rain and flea beetles.
so far.

ok, let's face it. 
the wisdom of regularly driving 15 minutes one way, in order to dig around in the dirt, seems questionable most days. 
the tools, seeds and baby plants rattle around in an already chock-full vehicle,
and the hot sticky van interior is not the most inspiring start to a gardening adventure.
we also live in an area of town that has plenty of green space close by.  parks and small lawns, sports fields and large planter boxes dot our area with greenery.  we also have a small back garden with some herbs and hostas, and always plant a container or two of little tomatoes to savour.
downtown, even the cracks in the paving sprout life.
why, then, did I decide to tackle a 25x25 foot plot of clay and weeds so far away?
I can easily buy local organic veggies, either at a market, or through a CSA.
even the local big box grocers have a selection of Ontario produce this time of year.
well, I knocked the dirt off of a couple of this year's tiny flea beetle bitten radishes,
and found my answer.
it is simple. seeds are a bit of magic. 
 I never quite believe that those tiny little things contain a whole plant inside...every time I place a few in the ground, I fully expect them to fail.  and yet, without smoke or mirrors, a little green shoot pops up almost before my eyes.
so, those spicy little globes, pushing forth in spite of my inadequate ministrations,
the bugs and heavy soil,  encourage my feelings of hope and pride, and my belief in magic.
 if all other of my crops fall prey to hydration issues, weed competition or become bug snacks,
I have had my money's worth of magic already, as well as
a tasty little salad!

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