Thursday, August 15, 2013

fire pit passion

the cottage is the perfect place to try out less conventional cooking methods:

the manly art of digging a fire pit.

there was much debate on how deep, how wide, how much fire, depth of coals...
but it doesn't seem to be an exact science in any case.
fire pretty.

 we eventually threw in the foil/newspaper/foil wrapped chickens,
laid down some lovely sweet fern for additional protection, and buried the lot.

six hours later, we dug for our supper.

proud cave man bringing home the chickens, trailer park boys' style.
the-non exact science outcome?
the poultry still had to finish on the bbq...but it was very fun endeavour.
next time, deeper pit, more coals, longer time cookin'.
'cause the WILL be a next time.

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