Monday, November 28, 2005

cookie time

it is the time of year to exchange cookies, in a very organized way. dolled up to be both social and practical, the cookie-swap parties are a lovely vestige of oldtimey homemaking. in a way, a bit of fakery, the appearance of diligent baking of so many sorts of bake as many dozens of treats as there are guests, pack them up and meet at the location designated. they are to be shared with all those present, but you don't eat them there. no. they are stowed away to be opened up at home later, offered to other friends over the holidays.

i love 'em. the unknown pleasures lure me. i have, this year, accepted two invites to exchange holiday baking...a total of 17 dozen cookies to bake and pack. shall i make all the same kind? shall i challenge myself with new (and possibly substandard) recipes? yikes! and what in return? the mystery, the deliciousness. and the acceptance that yes, i will eat far too many.

i have a feeling that i'll try for three next year.....

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melsmom said...

I was turned down for a cookie exchange when I told my hostess that I planned to "bake" rice crispie squares. Who knew that a friend could be so narrow minded.