Friday, November 04, 2005

sad face

Learned the lesson I keep forgetting...pluck the pumpkins whilst one may! On Thursday, I hopped into the car to visit a friend. I was zooming by bins on garbage day, thinking that on the return trip I would stop and take advantage...bin after bin topped by untouched, uncarved, un-jack-o-lanterned pumpkins, like autumnal maraschino cherries on a leaf-bag sundae. Oh how the roasted seeds entice me! As does the prospect of a good peanut pumpkin soup or loaf. Even more thrilling was the idea of rescuing these delicacies from the trash!! Came so close to stopping, but was running a bit late, a bit shy, etc. (Dare I eat a peach?) Mid-visit, the telltale rumble of the trucks, and yes, gone pumpkins all. Next lesson please?

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