Sunday, August 23, 2009

fairy tea

thank you, kate, for inviting us on this charming adventure! last week, our beloved neighbour informed us of the upcoming "fairy tea party" to be held at an amazing little teaching garden across town. since that day, no mention had been made of the upcoming event, and indeed, i think it had actually slipped my mind. this morning however, esther woke me with a question about one of her wings being broken, and could we fix them before the tea party?
at that point i was sure the gathering was yesterday, and that i had some e'splaining to do...but no, she was was the day.
well, we fashioned a whole new pair of wings, and some for edgar, just in case he got the urge to join in the fun, too. i had considering dressing him in only wings and a diaper, all cherub-like, but he hadn't napped yet, and wished not to rue the day.
so, we met kate, jamie and georgia at the lush community garden. the place was already glimmering with fairies...
we felt a little shy at first, but then dug right in to the activities!
the kids made wands and crowns, there was face-painting (an activity which these ones declined)
the children were given little unicorns and fairy statues to cache amongst the plantings, and there were sprinkled fairy cupcakes and flower-shaped cookies to nibble.

the gardens we buzzing with 25 or 30 fairies, all exploring the bean teepee and tuffets.
(seriously, there were tuffets.)
edgar was one of three boys was dressed as elvis, one as a superhero. fairies? sure!
there was racing around to be had, and i got a compliment on esther's fairy crown ( composed of packing tape and sparkly string, two random elements which had been lying around on our dining table for a few days...)

and after one last check on the tiny unicorns, we were off...
i am so thankful to the parents who hosted this magical event; a community-minded activity, presented gratis to any interested fairy princess. what a beautiful indulgence to take part in such a day, and certainly an equal indulgence to create it.

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