Tuesday, August 11, 2009

where is my (n)icon?

once again, a measly little cable has gone missing, trapping my photos in my camera...
so i will try to explain something i found both charming and odd, of which i took no picture.
we pit stopped in north bay on our way back from watabeag lake, just in time to see the last few innings of aysha's softball game.
we found the field, parked, unfurled from the car, and were just gaining our land-legs when david and i shot one another a glance of astonishment...

we had both spotted the seemingly dangerous yet exceedingly practical set-up

of spare balls, tourney rosters, and yes, large trophies,

cubbied like candles and virgins within the shrine of a large, forbidding, open electrical supply/control box.

the thing faintly hummed, and a knot of earnest ball players and kin consulted the hand-printed neon bristol-board info posters, as though unaware of any impending electrocution...
aw, heck...i'm sure it was perfectly safe.

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