Saturday, October 02, 2010

garden salad

esther often likes to help out in the kitchen by creating her own recipes.
 so this morning, at breakfast-time,
the girl, inspired by her new recipe for salad dressing, 
(a mixture of water, sumac, cumin and chile powder)
carefully chose greens from the backyard.

 the combination of colours and textures was quite convincing, at that...

it was gorgeous!
 she chose the perfect combination of 
chives, rue, boston ivy, mint, plantain, 
lily-of-the-valley leaves, parsley, berries and various weeds...
 the final concoction being both tempting and possibly toxic.
it was brought inside, dressed, tossed, admired, then 
returned to the garden to feed the slugs and squirrels.
it seems they know to pick out the foul bits.
bon appetit, critters!

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