Saturday, October 02, 2010

il fait beau

camp radio was invited to play at the
so we came along for the fun.
obviously, there was some fine beer to be had,
but unlike most beer themed festivals of similar style,
this one had a petting (feeding) zoo, as well as a barnload of even more fun for the kiddies.

the  girl had done this sort of thing before, 
and enjoyed the snack-fest in a cautious and respectful manner,

while edgar could barely contain his glee. 

and, while oblivious to the meaning of the yellow sign,
 i'm certain he would have happily surrendered his fingertips, just to be a part of it all.

so, this kinderfest had colouring and facepainting,

a  charming jumbo tarp covered in enticing blobs of home-made playdough,

a clown show and pumpkin painting (yes, esther's is all pink,)

and a great place to leap around.
oh, yes, the other rock show was great, as well!

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