Monday, April 11, 2011

eager beaver

last night we had fierce thunder and lightning, then very high gusting wind today.
no surprise, then, when preparing supper, 
(the kiddies were flaking with TVOkids) 
 i heard a loud CRACK, 
and our street lost power.
transformer, i guess.
luckily, no entertainment inside meant new entertainment outside...

since it was too dark to spar inside,
the gang from the beaver boxing club took to the street to finish their training.
first we watched from the window, 
then from the back garden, 
then from the driveway... cats mesmerized by butterflies.
both kids found the whole spectacle so amazing, 
that the coach offered up an extra set of gloves.
esther declined, but edgar took on the invite...

i think the boxers were entertained also...
oh, and the power returned just as i began to light the candles.

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