Wednesday, April 13, 2011

lion taming

there had been nothing but a 1/2 cm trim since he was born.
  it was decided that he finally needed a haircut.

but how to have it cut?  
i certainly couldn't do it;
the simple act of washing and combing elicit fierce complaint...
and then,
will it have to be short?  
will the curls disappear?  will i cry?
he is so wiggly...
regardless, for this event to occur peacefully, 
 the more experience
the hairstylist had with kiddies, the better.
 the appointment, therefore, was made at a children's only salon.

edgar clambered into the 'car', did up his seatbelt, 
and was as quiet as a lamb the entire time.
he may look concerned, but is, in fact, glued to a massive t.v. screen of cartoons.

so, no dramatic outcome after all...
he still sports his mane, it is just a little 'zazzed up'.
(according to esther.)

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