Friday, March 09, 2012

florida without disney?

of course we couldn't miss disney...
(i remember my brother and i going with our grandparents almost 30 years ago.)
we stopped in orlando, where
marg and dennis treated us to the magic kingdom.

 "it's a small world" was our first ride.  it was such a hit, we went through twice!
in fact, at the end of the day, esther maintained that it was her very favourite...
the girl heard someone joke  that "disney jail" was being stuck on that ride for 4 hours;
she was not amused.

it truly was adorable.
although the haunted house was "too scary",
peter pan's ride was "amazing", and
pirates, jungles, outer space, giftshops, and pooh corner were all well explored.

 those mice really made us feel like part of the family,

and cinderella learned a thing or two from our princess.

everyone was pretty spent by the "country bear jamboree".
 we all rambled back to the van to continue the drive to the port of fort lauderdale...

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