Friday, March 09, 2012

south of the border

our family took a very important journey recently;
we joined david's extended family on a cruise-ship holiday
to mark his parent's 50th wedding anniversary year.
we had decided to drive down to meet up with the rest of the clan.
 marg and dennis, being great sports, elected to join us on our road-trip.

perhaps childhood impressions made while visiting my own grandparents in niagara falls
influenced my morbid love of roadside attractions and tourist traps,
but this one would have been compelling none-the-less...
pedro's south of the border.
(and the place was practically deserted, which enhanced the surreal atmosphere)

the highway billboards for this place started beckoning with lurid
colours and clever puns long before i realized we would really need to find a rest stop...
pedro's offered the food, gas, and well,

the toilets we were looking for.

the menu listed, alongside the usual burgers and fries, a pound worth of hot dog.
(which, of course david chose, then topped with chiili)

the girl seemed to really "get" the flourescent concrete figures and the kitch factor 11,

edgar?  maybe not so much.
we did return to pedro's on the trip back north...
sadly, the reptile zoo we had planned on investigating there was closed due to power outage,
and we didn't stick around for the hotdog.

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