Monday, April 02, 2012

children's music?

we often throw on a kid's CD after school...
it pre-empts any TV begging, has lately spurred some interesting conversations. 
one of the favourite compilations boasts over 3 hours of music, and it certainly does have a lot of variety...
after the usual little "bo peeps", "itsy bitsy spiders", and "twinkle twinkles", the mode changes to old standards with catchy tunes...fabulous! 
i find myself discussing/explaining the rocky relationship of "bill bailey" and his lady friend, the charming poverty of a "bicycle built for two", love-at-first-sight during the "merry merry month of may", and the fate of poor ol' "clemintine".  
i have not yet been able to successfully decipher "waltzing matilda", but i did manage to explain waltz
as for the civil war anthem "dixie", i prefer the girl's version, which includes lyrics like:
"in pixieland where i was born..." and
"oh i wish i were a pixie, hooray!  hooray!"

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