Sunday, June 17, 2012

Olive branch

the shrubby russian olives in our neighbourhood are infusing the air
with their enchanting perfume now...
i have even adapted my route to work in order to accomodate my nose.
when i was a teenager, one of these trees lived beside the driveway of our rural home.
i loved the smell of june;
 the dwindling days of schoolbus tang, the scent of sunny lawn, tilled earth and rain,
and another arresting, yet transient fragrance which would greet me on my walk up the long lane.
being more accustomed to the "lilac" concept...big showy blooms and heavy bouquet,
 years went by before i finally identified that scrappy looking, crooked tree bearing insignificant flowers
as the origin of mysterious scent.  

now june smells of hot pavement, splashpad water, playground sand,
and the scent of trapped sunshine in the line-dried towels i wrap the children in.
i'm thankful the russian olive is here too, whispering summer is just starting,
and the possibilities are endless.

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