Saturday, June 02, 2012

Window garden

The rich and hearty lentil, transformed into a fresh salady veg.
The flavour is green and a little peppery, the color is bright and clean.
I used the small brown lentils, but the larger ones are tasty too!
Soak 1/2c of lentils overnight in a large jar, the mouth of which is  covered by a few layers of cheesecloth and secured with a broccoli elastic.
Drain and rinse, then leave on a quiet windowsill.
Rinse and drain those cuties daily until they are as grown as you might like them.
(this could be as soon as two days!)
They will hold in the fridge in a covered container,
 all ready to perk-up to a green salad or coleslaw, top a sandwich or enliven a stir-fry.

Of course many beans respond well to this treatment...
I may run short of sill space.

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