Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ducks and diego

well, it turns out that if i e-mail a picture from my computer to myself, through david's email, then save it to our desktop, i can access it and finally post it here.  dave's mail program emits a little swooshy airplane noise as it 'sends'; certainly does seem as though these pics are taking the long way around.  some progress anyway!!! 
so a double batch of playdough today...the mama duck needed a baby and a drake.  while esther was patiently waiting for another round of 'dough, edgar was on the countertop, inventing an adventure for diego...
i'm not sure he has anything in his backpack that is quite up to this challenge.
best cooked playdough recipe yet:

2 c flour
2 c H2O
1/2 c salt
1/4 c cream of tartar
(p.s. what is this stuff, anyway???)
2 T vegetable oil
find 10 minutes.
mix ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat until thick and squishy. 
 turn out onto a floured board and carefully (it's still hot!) knead out the last of the stickiness.  offer it to amazed child.

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