Friday, January 29, 2010

flies time

before this cold snap, we experienced quite a dramatic january thaw.  mild enough, i warranted, to explain the fruit-fly or two i had been finding in the kitchen.  so, i hid the bananas, diligently rinsed the sinks out, and fashioned a few traps of bottles containing cider vinegar.  
that was indeed helpful for a day or two...but suddenly, there seemed to be more, not fewer flies enjoying our home.  
insert eureka moment here...
well, we also have worms.
our household vermi-compost bin digests a great amount of fruity offering...which, i suddenly sumised, had perhaps been offered too much for the worms to handle on their own. 
 they may have enlisted help.  
i investigated the area where the worm-bin is located, and there were certainly even more of the little cuties buzzing about.  
this is where someone should have urgently stage whispered to me 
i opened the lid.
i have since installed more fly traps.
the worms are outside, (R.I.P.)
and i continue to sneeze and floss out drosophila melanogaster fragments.

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