Thursday, January 28, 2010


an archive from the past...
finally i am able to access some of the photos i thought
 were forever lost in a crashed hard-drive; 
here, a peek into my trapped photos reveals a visit of pastoral bliss to josh and joanna's organic farm this past september.  little (at that point yet un-named) oliver was about a week old, a brother for 2 year old lily. 
 the creation of this farm and homestead has been an intensive undertaking of pioneering strength, intellectual strategy and stubborn bravery for over two years.  that, and then for ollie's birth,  josh + jo channeled their inner midwives...the actual midwife arrived about 15 minutes postpartum.  leave it to josh and jo, the the ultimate DYI couple.

the latours treated us to snappily fresh green beans, gargantuan zucchini, and rosy sunwarm tomatoes.  

and edgar enjoyed a doze in the hammock.

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